Ce soir vendredi 12 décembre 2008, la première présentation du film devant les familles de nos globe-trotters sera l’occasion de classer les collections d’images, de peaufiner les premiers montages du film. La collection de photographies de François Mondot est en ligne. Elodie Gaud a fait son premier apprentissage chez Archiclic Studio et ramène aujourd’hui le premier making of en version AVID. Nous terminerons ce travail déjà bien abouti réalisé avec Alain-Marie Markarian et le mettrons en ligne dès que possible, pour la commémoration "virtuelle" de Noël ! Lucie Prasilova a envoyé via internet les affiches du film réalisées dans la semaine (et dont vous voyez la belle mosaïque) qui a suivi le workshop, les derniers posters français sont arrivés et voilà en ligne la collection au complet :

Les posters et l’affiche du film :

Cliquez ici -> http://gallery.me.com/groussontroye...

Les photographies du workshop (François Mondot et Geneviève Grousson-Troyes, galerie Mobile Me à télécharger ou imprimer) :

Cliquez ici -> http://gallery.me.com/fmondot#100220


Les posters réalisés par les élèves français et tchèques dans les cours qui précèdent et suivent le workshop :

Cliquez ici -> http://gallery.me.com/groussontroye...

Les petites images de synthèse pour préparer les story-boards : les vaisseaux en silicone et matériaux de récupération visitent virtuellement les salles dans lesquelles tourner en république tchèque

Cliquez ici -> http://gallery.me.com/groussontroye...

Les lettres à un ami qui ont été écrites aux amis tchèques et aux autres amis estoniens, espagnols, lithuaniens :

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Corinne Lovera Vitali écrivaine a travaillé au lycée dans le cadre du partenariat avec la Région Rhône-Alpes "Demain en main" (Echanges internationaux Nord-Sud). Les travaux sont visibles à la Maison de l’Architecture pendant tout le mois de Janvier (Mois du graphisme d’Echirolles).

Cliquez ici -> http://gallery.me.com/groussontroye...

Pour les films, patience, il faut encore attendre et aller les voir à la Maison de l’Architecture qui expose nos lettres aux amis tchèques ainsi que tous les films des premières correspondances à la rencontre dans l’ecole de Beckyne.

34 French students and 23 Czech students met to create together a cartoon film in the Czech Republic, in Bechyne, in the middle of Bohemia, in the famous school : Strední průmyslová škola keramická v Beckzni. The Art students, in their final year, from Marie Curie High School in Echirolles were directed by 3 teachers François Mondot, Laure Galland and Geneviève Grousson-Troyes and by 3 former students Alexandre Poisson, Hugo Doubek et Alexis Burlat, to exchange skills with the students from 2 classes, a ceramic class and a graphic design class, and their teachers : David Stankus et Lucia Prášilova. Peter … and some other Czech teachers like Oliva Mirosclav, Jiri Novotny, Marta Kotkova also offered their help during this amazing meeting during which fraternity and friendship beetween people took place. The students Vojtech Pollak, Helena Pavlovcova et Peter Pich took part in filming and helped in understanding the project whether bringing help or adapting too.

The team was numerous, almost 70 people, in 4 specific rooms dedicated to the workshop. 2 rooms of "red ceramic", 1 room of "white ceramic" and a computer room were made available for us during the whole meeting. After the difficulties of the first morning, during which we had to constitute groups and start the creating process in spite of the linguistic barrier, 4 different workshops started and were quite successful :
- a ceramic workshop of "Small flying spaceships", of about 30x30x30 cm to be shot in motion in "Meeting with a friend", 1st part of the movie.
- a ceramic workshop involved in creating a ceramic alphabet to be animated in the credits.
- a setting workshop, including creation and settling "in situ" ( conectics, lightning, tidying and transport)
- a blog and communication workshop including composing a text/image text in 3 languages and early steps in professional shooting with Alain-Marie Markarian (Archiclic Studio).

When we had all the creations, the shooting was directed in differents places, all over the school. It was a climax for some students to be working with international groups, but quite disturbing for others to change from their daily routine and to accept and adapt to "the other" student/ teacher/ country. The students were fascinated by the experience of the formers students Hugo, Alexis and Alexandre, totally involved in creating the "morphing" bird. Compared to ordinary classes, artistic responsability fell on each student, no need to delegate or to be checked by someone else for time ran fast and the goal of the workshop was to create all pieces in a unique exchange process. We had to organize the work between 2 floors, 3 languages, 4 videos cameras and a thousand pieces of information to be caught and invested immediatly... Some scenes were to be shot again ( just like in cinema) because of shadows, lightning...

But, simpler than telling it, here is the workshop in pictures with texts written by the blog group. I chose to leave them as they were written, with their poetry, enthusiasm and some disappointments heard through a majority of positive comments. Good news if the blog was the craddle of emotions. Congratulations to the people who harvested all the pieces of information, who wrote for 2 days. Thanks to our translators, Laure and Peter. Thanks to all and above all to our Czech friends who accepted to host us in their school, their "ceramic planet".

Do not hesitate to write and read the screenplays of the film "2010, a sky odyssey" to be assembled : screenplay n° 1 « La rencontre avec l’ami », screenplay n°2 « L’oiseau », screenplay N°3 « Making of » which will be published after watching the rush shot in Bechyne (a video of the whole workshop)

See you soon for future steps and once more thanks to everyone and above all to our beloved students who worked so much, in spite of tiredness and who were good citizens in the space of our French-Czech odissey !

Geneviève Grousson-Troyes, traduction Laure Galland