Siomis dienomis Ryto gimnazijoje vyksta tarptautinio projekto ,,Europa meno delioneje’’ projektinis susitikimas - atvyko sveciai, mokytojai ir mokiniai is Cekijos, Ispanijos, Prancuzijos, Estijos. Mokykloje ir VKJonyno galerijoje veikia projektiniu darbu parodos , kuriose gausu visu minetu saliu moksleviu ir mokytoju arbai .Projektinio susitikimo tema Dangus.

Hello, we are working together in Lituania , from 14th to 18th October, teachers and students from so very different places in Europe, learning from one another and sharing good ideas.We have visited Rytas Gymnasium and seen how students work here. We are preparing the exhibition which will be opened on Friday 17th at 7 pm.The name of the exhibition is Sky and different works of students and teachers with different points of view about the same topic will be shown. Two other big meetings will be held soon, in France in November and in March in Spain, where the final exhibition with all the works that have been done for this big project will be shown.There is still one more topic to work and we have decided to call it Meeting Point in Time and Space, and this is the idea we have to take back with us to our countries and work with our students and colleagues for the next meeting in France. Of course, working is not everything so we are having some time to do some sightseeing, learn some new foreign words, taste some delicious dishes and drinks and enjoy our friend’s company.

Carmen Soto Virginijus Sutkus