Our Czech friends had installed an expositin in the foyer of their school. We discovered our book Europ’ art puzzle created last year.

Pages were shown, one by one.

Near, big posters represent proverbs, in correspondence with the ceramic volumes. Before the visit in the school, we install our small "writings" taken out from suitcases.

Jessica’s small French volumes suffered during trip. Arms and heads of these figures representing an alphabet will go back to France in piece…

Letters in volume create in Estonia and in Spain are entrusted to Olivier, a french professor. They will appear in France in "Month of Graphism" included in the film on clay, normally nice and whole.

For the festival in Montpellier, http://www.fifav.fr, we have plan to accomplish a first film "Letter to a friend", in October with the French and Czechs pupils, including typographies in volume of all countries. Later, in Lithuania, process inserts new topic : "The sky". All topics since the beginning : countries, borders, languages and words lead to the final topic. Final topic is a metaphor : a space for freedom, without any border, without barrier. A final date in Jerez de la Frontera ?

Meetings allow us to exchange and to revive the origins of art.


"Letter to a friend" coming from TALLINN :