FRANCE : A,B,C,D,E sign

Purpose : 3-dimensional typographical letters, signs, short words. Calligraphic, handwritten or digital letters in 3D form. Vowels + consonants + signs of punctuations + figures and numbers Students work alone or in groups.

Each country starts a collection of sketches, photos and 3-dimensional works in different technics before April in Beckyne. The works have to be taken to Czech Republic. In Bechyne an international text will be composed using all the characters brought together from five countries. Different combinations of the letters will be documented (digital photos, film).

Task to a student (for example) : Typography / Create at least one typographical sign, first on paper. Choose the best character and transfer into 3-dimensional form (material : free).

Size : max 30x30x30 cm

LITHUANIA : Letter to a (foreign) friend

Task to a student : Think about letter-writing and friends. Imagine a situation and create a composition. For example it can be a short ordinary mail-message, a letter written to a foreign friend, a letter arrived from or sent to some other country (Lithuania, Czech Republic, Spain, Estonia, France). Give your work a title or a short explanation.

Size : A4, A3

Czech Republic : Illustrated proverbs If we will try to translate our proverbs to a different language, it is difficult to understand. But through pictures and thanks to art (if I draw it or make some commix or pictograms or some 3D sculpture) you can understand the meaning. The transfer art can give us.

Task to a student : Find some typical proverb, write it in you native language and try to explain it without letters in picture or 3D work.

Size : 30x30 cm, max 30x30x30 cm

ESTONIA : Throw away ! / Do not throw away !

Think about how we throw things away. Why do we throw them away ? Is the object old, ugly, broken or useless ? Are there some feelings and memories connected with the object ? Choose one such object or a group of (similar) objects and transform them into a sculpture or a useful object by cutting, adding something (like clay), colouring etc.

Task to a student (for example) : Bring a pair of old footwear to school. Give a new design or repair thinking about recycling and the concept of footwear as such.

Size : max 30x30x30 cm per unit

SPAIN : Graffity and typography

Joining graffity and typography. Students work alone or in groups.

Task to a student : Design your own typography („tag“) to create graffity. Two-dimensional design can be transformed into three-dimensional : clay surface, wall etc.

Size : free. 3-dimensional objects will be photographed and printed out in 20x20 cm format.