Axel : "Here is what I liked best" :

I’m an Applied Arts ’’Terminale’’ student and my class, as well as ’’1ère AA’’ class went on a trip to Spain. We went through Valencia, Alicante, Granada, Cordoba, Madrid and Barcelona. My favourite city has been Barcelona because it’s the city of the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s houses, Güell park, etc... Güell Park was really my favourite place : We climbed up to the top of the park, on a mound. Once on the top, we had a large panorama on Barcelona. We could see the whole city, with its monuments. It was really beautiful. Later we climbed down to the ceramic plaza where we stayed one hour. Then we went back to the coach where we collected our bags and we lugged them for fifty minutes to the youth hostel.

Elodie : "Here is what I liked best" :

The Alhambra and its gardens. Granada. The fourth day of the journey and a sunny day. After a long ascent we arrived near this monumental building typical of the Islamic art. Formerly, these walls and palaces were reserved for the princes, on that day they were open to us and I went into with a certain excitation. A green unlimited spread in front of me, divided into many courts, each a garden, a paradise on Earth to him alone. Immense ponds, fountains, circuits brought the water up to our feet to irrigate the gardens, and offered us a magnificent aquatic spectacle. Among these gardens stood the palace of the Alhambra, with their white walls, their abstract decorations, and their geometrical interlacings of a big beauty, a magnificent refinement ! We had only the afternoon to visit this place, to make the tour of this immense building, which was a little regrettable. It is one of my most beautiful memories of the journey and I think that I not forget it.

Juliette : "Here is what I liked best" : One week before the autumn holidays, I went with my class on a trip to Spain for eight days. We travelled in a double-decker coach. In the last days of the trip we visited Barcelona and its famous monuments. The sky was grey and there were some showers. Unfortunately, I fell ill. If I had to choose a particular place that I liked, I would say, the district of Barri Gothic (the old town of Barcelona) and the Picasso Museum are my favourite places. Even if I felt very bad, I can say that these places made me feel serene. The Picasso Museum surprised me. I expected to find a modern architecture building but it is locate in a Roman or Gothic style building. It is not a very large place for this great artist. I expected very seriously Picasso’s works to inspire me. Picasso had an extraordinary career : there are exhibited some paintings, sketches… We left the place when the museum closed. I could see stars in my mind maybe an effect of fever but more probably the satisfaction to have discovered something out of this world. Unfortunately, the trip came to an end.