We have made plans, worked with our colleagues and students, visited the families. Even we have talked in some television programs and newspapers about our experiences ; we have held exhibits and meetings, but always on our own each one of the team. Then, we meet each other again. We have many activities to complete, visits, responsibilities about our students ; we have to contact our schools, long trips ahead, long meetings when we are all exhausted from so many things during these days, a lot of subjects to decide on. But we had time to run on the snow, take pictures of every smile, buy some postcards to remember, share a bottle of special liquor from our country all together, show to each other the presents we are going to bring back and laugh when we do not find the right word to express an idea and all of us finish speaking a mixed language that we all understand. When we left to the airport the last day we had the feeling again that we were leaving home.

Luisa Porras