This European “cultural puzzle” will be solved by students’ composing picture which will lead to the publication of an art book and quality shows in cotemporary arts and design exhibiton.

Orly / France Lycée Marie Curie / France

Partnership Activities 2006/07 : Our partnership has included two project meetings as previously planned : 6-11 November 2006 in Grenoble and 6-11 March 2007 in Jerez de la Frontera. We have been following our main purpose : to create a book or an album of student’s artworks during the school year. Before the first project meeting students from 5 schools created artworks concerning their own culture.

Theme / My country as a sign, format : 20x20 cm Each country formed a jury and selected 16 pieces to be shared with other countries. Thus every school gained 64 images from other countries to follow the next step : students had to interpret each others works concerning still their own culture or trying to compare two cultures (size of the works constantly 20x20 cm). Each school had 64 or almost 64 equivalents by the beginning of March 2007. Making the layout of the book started jointly during project meeting in Jerez and will be continued in Jerez School of Art and Design Department of Graphic Design. Partnership has also included a number of Europ’art Puzzle exhibitions in each school showing both local and foreign works. Also during the meeting in Spain the School of Art held an exhibition in “Sala de la Juventud”, a most visited municipal exhibition hall in Jerez, where the first 64 artworks and information about our project were shown and Lycee Marie Curie held the exhibition in Maison de l’ Architecture in Grenoble.

Meeting in Jerez de la Frontera :

Alcazar / Jerez / Spain Lycée Marie Curie, France Sketches in Jerez / Spain