Un factor clave y que hace único este proyecto es la evolución y expansión del mismo. Partiendo de un punto interno y "plano", el proyecto va adquiriendo volúmen según se abarcan las distintas etapas, convirtiéndose de tal manera en un proyecto multidimensional por el que cada alumno pasa desde su inicio hasta su final. Es por eso que la combinación de los distintos planos, son los que dotan de dimensionalidad a la palabra "arte", la esencia de Europart. A su vez la tipografía, de clara connotación tecnológica, nos acerca al universo de los nuevos medios existentes, los cuales han propiciado el intercambio y enriquecimiento de todos los participantes en este apasionante proyecto. [...]

The graphics of this Project are based on the concept of Europ’Art Puzzle. What makes this project singular is the key factor of its evolution and spreading. From an inner and lineal starting point, the project is growing in volume with every step achieved until it becomes a multisided project that enables the students to go through it from its very beginning to its final consequences. That is the reason of the combination of different planes that give their true dimensionality to the word art, the core of the project. At the same time the typography, of a deep technological connotation, reminds us of the new digital media that have been the motor of interchange and enrichment of all participants in this enthralling project.

Tamara Piña

About the books

Designing and publishing the books has meant a very intensive and exhaustive work in all schools during a long period. In Jerez Art School, where all the lay out has taken place every time, has meant a deep work of coordination and timing. Many art teachers have shared the responsibility of making their students answer the different proposals to represent their country in this international project. All the works from the five countries, texts, names, translations, transcriptions, technical data, pictures, etc., had to be ready in time for the project to be turn into the book we had agreed to design and in time to get to the printing company. Meetings have been scheduled to be held in time to publish the books and present them in interesting exhibitions of the original works, always sponsorized by local educational and cultural authorities.

We had to find extra time to discuss, agree and decide many things. It has been a team work. Every coordinator has spent many working hours in front of the PC screens in their schools and also in their homes, during weekends, holidays, at night and even during maternity leave ! It was worth the effort because of our students, our schools and even because of our country pride !

It has been a very interesting experience from which we have learnt many things from each other and from ourselves. Now I have to admit that sometimes I felt it was an impossible task, far too complicated but we made it possible together.