I have been presented with the magnificent catalogue of the exposition ‘We love books !-A world Tour’. My colleague Geneviève Grousson Troyes from the Lycèe Marie Curie has given it to me from the ‘Centre du Graphisme de la communication visuelle d’Echirolles.’

The picture that comes with this article, that shows the entrance of the exhibition, was taken a short time ago while visiting Grenoble to take part in the ‘Mois du Graphisme’, where we participated with the graphic experience between students from European educational centres called ’Teaching-design.com : letters à un ami’ within the frame of the Comenius project ‘Europ’Art Puzzle’, whose final exhibition has been held in Jerez a few days ago.

Editing design

Presentation is very important in order to attract, but should not minimize the main role of the text.

In spite of the economic problems and the different criteria, the exhibition has been placed in ‘Les moulins de Villancourt’ and in the ‘Musèe Géo-Charles’ and it has meant an act of thinking about books and reading.

I have shown it to the teachers and students in my school and they have appreciated such detailed and interesting work very much. That is the reason why I want to share it with the rest of the educational community, this work is a good example of how to use many different graphic resources with only one subject : the edition of the cover of the same book.

Although the responsible of the books section is Pepe García Oliva, I want to express outloud my congratulations about his participation in the important editorial project ‘bloc’, I did not want to miss the opportunity of showing this unusual educational material instead of letting it be mute in the library shelves.

Sometimes it is the cover of a book which catches our eye, that is why text and graphic design should have the same quality level, not to interfere but to put highlights in their complicity.

The new book of the project "Europ’art puzzle" : designed by Tamara Pina

We love books !/ Riste Laasberg, Tallinn Art School, project coordinator  :

European School project „Europ´art Puzzle“ has produced two books. First of them was created during the first project year (2006-2007) and the second for final project exhibiton in Palacio de Villavincencio, Jerez, Spain in April 2009. For the first book, which was mainly financed by EU Educational programme Comenius, additional funding was given by Estonian Ministry of Culture and the second book or cataloque was funded By Jerez City Government. I think it is very important for young people to see their artworks in the books and also to understand the teachers’ efforts for organizing this. The presence of artworks from five countries makes these books even more interesting. Picture can speak without verbal language and so we can learn without language and „catch the idea“ without saying a world. Books as sources of knowledge, images and inspiration are of high importance, no matter what other information channels we use besides it.