Fitting with presentation rules, we will install in Spain the most complete « Europ’art Puzzle » exposition, the product of an imaginary puzzle created by our 5 countries and lasting 3 years.

We have made the most of what we can do together. And we will not ask ourselves the embarrassing question of whether everything has been done perfectly because that is not the point. We know that there have never been dry patches or poor times, the hive of activity has functioned non stop with many class levels in each country with an average of 2 big subjects each year and many generations of students. We are happy and proud to show our numerous works in various script. We will show everything, many films, many posters, hundreds of works in our favorite format, books, installations, and the blog written at this website. This will be an opportunity for a comparison without any competition or war of interests, a purely creative and selfless addition which will offer the unique opportunity to students, parents, partners and teachers to discover the cultural and professional specificities of these 5 countries from a rich palette of specialties :

*visual design and communication

* fine arts

* textile design

* ceramic design

* glass subjects.

The message, a critical reflection on points of view refused based on current questions :

*"My country as a sign" / the European identity

*"Borders " / cultural and geo-political limits, physical and mental frontiers

*"The sky", the rights of man and universal, the search for an ideal space

*"Abc design, letter to a friend" , language and words to learn to understand oneself, love and friendship between people.


In a climate of crisis and helplessness, this project resembles a protected island on which in adequacy with current questions and in the field of contemporary artistic practices, the subjects each lead to questioning themselves as European citizens and citizens of the world. Always in pursuit of a message, these images and works reveal the fundamentals, from as many forms as students, towns or countries. The goal as much for the teachers as for the students is to compare the practices, the tools and the processes of the works in a common field of knowledge delineated and overseen, and completely reviewed in each of the meetings : 2 took place in France, 1 in Estonia, 1 in Lithuania, 1 in the Czech Republic and 2 in Spain.

Reconsideration of clichés in countries : Europe and her major conflicts put through the mill and the search of a European conscience

“My country as a sign” started with the portrait of a country where everyone responded by mirroring another student, town, or country to present/represent through the ways and customs, the typical traits and local, regional, or national particularities. This was already a mosaic of innumerable master-works, brushed with the help of Chinese portrayals or the brainstorming of movement indicators. Let’s remember next the “Borders”, an extension of this first concept of identity but which, in exploring the limits, critiques the racism already committed, all the injustices committed within the geographic frontiers of Europe. These images show the deviance of northern Russia, the effects of wars, the political and contemporary frontiers of Gibraltar, the racism of the center towards Eastern Bloc countries who disband all European solidarity in the pursuit of an economic war without end nor solution. “The letter to a friend” exposé in France made people move towards thoughts about values tied to feelings, towards preliminary impressions as remedies. Our young Europeans have gotten in on the secret and have communicated about their own lives, their personal paths and their affinities to realize that their desires are their own, or almost… so why would we want to exorcise at al costs the affective parts of our lives ? This communication exercise with words and typography as a means of experience already touches the final goal of all the social regroupings, of all the collective adventures, of all the associations which are to be and those with must be in the absolute, where we can share it, the confidence and the dialogue permits the construction of a common and solid base where we can all be supported.

It’s too bad that this exercise has imposed upon the English language… It’s gradually, slowly, naturally that we have steered towards the last creative levels of Druskininkai in Lithuania and Jerez de la Frontera in Spain where the communal construction will be shown : a global and multiformed work far from fragmented ideas from the beginning of the experience, an image of an ideal Europe living a communal destiny. “The sky”, a poetic and abstract theme, between the metaphysical and religions, permitted us to create an image and also films and small multimedia montages to evoke a feeling of liberty that we have dreamt of. An aerial world above an empty planet, torn and convulsive. We have gone from general to particular, from far to near, from public to intimate. We know now and we’ve made a sacred voyage that we will record in the last theme, “Meeting”, through a large installation and a new book.

The last theme is a theme of surfing on happiness : the meeting which will also be adapted into all languages and all styles of writing, bi or tri-dimentional.

Everything is put together and shared. The form of partiality, the puzzle takes the shape of a kaleidoscope in these French classes.

The French Subject :

THE MAGIC OF A MEETING : KALEIDOSCOPIC STRUCTURE, everything converges so that humanity can become aware of the destined community

« RENDEZ-VOUS France / SUSITIKIMAS lituanie / ENCUENTROS Espagne KOHTUMINE Estonie / SETKANI République tchèque / MEETING » Europ’Art puzzle 2006 / 2009 The kaleidoscope : fragmentation, stratification, multiplication to infinity, facets and geometric subdivision of a space, repetition from a structure, division of a figure.

Cultural diversity, the variety of heritage, the ways and customs, the sea, the mountains, the frontiers, the people, the languages, the country sides, teh feelings, the hot and cold, the surroundings and regions, the above and below, the diverging and converging mirrors, etc.

We ask to create an image, an object or an installation which can best condense in a vision a mosaic of the meeting, condensed and colored of a road-movie Comenius in 5 facets, filtered by the prism of colors, our globe-trotter dreams and imagination put through a mill.

Strong symbolism : we ask to create a kaleidoscopic work which will take place for you an emblematic final figure, a unique form, pregnant but divided, reconciliating terms that are seemingly opposed from permanence and change, from identity and difference. It could use colored codes and a country’s prism of colors.

About kaleidoscopes : a tube of mirrors reflecting to infinity and the exterior light in color. The name of this toy comes from the Greek, kalos, signifying “beauty”, eidos “image”, and skopein “to look”. Certain models contain mobile fragments of colored glass, producing infinite combinations of pretty images.

Europ’Art Puzzle 2006 / 2009 : "This project reflects the cultural diversity and different creative concepts of each country that are shown together in a kaleidoscope that defines at the same time each personality and the common language of art. It unifies all the differences under the same graphic vehicle and gives the image of a unique community with a common language understandable by all."

Luisa Marie Porrass, ccordonatrice espagnole Luisa Marie Porrass, Spanish coordinator

Schopenhauer :

« The story has beauty that claims again to tell us, it is like a kaleidoscope : each turn presents to us a new configuration, nevertheless this is, to tell the truth, the same elements that always pass in front of our eyes” (Le monde comme volonté et comme representation, chapter XLI)

Geneviève Grousson-Troyes, coordination française. Geneviève Grousson-Troyes, French coordinator